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DVP Fabrics was founded in 1989 to supply hotels, universities, cruise lines, and other hospitality facilities with quality upholstery fabrics at a lower cost with faster delivery. They offer domestic production, easy customization, and fast delivery while making use of mills right here in the United States. With hundreds of different fabrics to choose from, DVP Fabrics is the best upholstery company in the hospitality industry.

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Bar Stools

Daniel Paul Chairs has more than 50 years of experience in the hospitality industry, manufacturing high quality seating products. Whether it be for banquet rooms, guest rooms, lobbies, senior living or even meeting and conference areas, Daniel Paul Chairs can satisfy your needs with top of the line products. In all areas of the hospitality industry, Daniel Paul Chairs understands the appreciation for carefully made seating products that will last.

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Decorator Industries has been a manufacturer of custom crafted interior furnishing products since 1953. In the nearly seven decades since then, DI has grown into a world-leading manufacturer that supplies high quality custom made decor products for the hospitality and healthcare industries. DI will ask the right questions to give you a finished product that expresses your needs.

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Decorator Industries
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Proimi and Landgrave
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Proimi was born in 1982 as a woven furniture manufacturer, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Expert artisans bend, weave and give form to each piece of furniture by creating custom-made designs for hospitality projects.  Masaya offers handcrafted solid wood furniture while incorporating ancient traditions with every handwoven design.

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For more than 85 years, Hollywood Bed Frame Company has been synonymous with exceptional quality and outstanding value. Hollywood Bed is one of the most respected companies in the hospitality and contract industries.


DOWNLITE focuses on bedding and creating great sleep experiences using the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship. Today, that expertise has allowed us to become the leaders in comfort.

DOWNLITE designs, develops, manufactures, and markets bedding products including: comforters, pillows, mattress pads, blankets, throws, and more. Despite our rapid growth and high level of success, DOWNLITE is always looking to go a step further for our customers by continuing to search for the softest fabrics and fills.


Aesthetic Mirror is recognized throughout the hospitality and design Industries as a leading manufacturer of wood, metal and acrylic decorative mirrors. 100% domestically produced, their collections are highly coveted by interior designers, art consultants and purchasing agents worldwide. In fact, you’ll find custom, Aesthetic Mirror products in the guestrooms and public spaces of hotels around the globe.

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Simply Tables provides beautiful, durable tables that can be customized to fit any hospitality environment. Thriving on creativity and collaboration, Simply Tables aims for customer satisfaction. Using materials like hardwood, live edge, stone and solid surface and terrazzo, Simply Tables strives to meet any customer specification. Simply Tables products have a classic design and last through heavy use; providing customers with simply, better tables. 


At GAR Products®, their main focus is always to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship in the commercial furniture industry. Utilizing years and years of collective furniture making expertise, all pieces are constructed using the finest materials available. They want you to be able to trust their work and products, which is why they take the time to ensure the quality of every piece of furniture they produce, ensuring customers that they are serious about their work.

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