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Sunset Kayak

About Us

What we bring to the table.

Our Mission

FreemanKelley is a sales firm that prides itself on giving its customers the best experience possible. For almost 50 years, we have been building connections across the hospitality industry and representing major brands that bring you a wide selection of hospitality products. We provide the highest level of customer service while also providing access to world class brands. Our company and its employees are centered around trust and the personal connections we value in our customers.


FreemanKelley Presents

Pillows And Sheets

Sales Philosophy

Trusted relationships are what the hospitality industry is built upon. We treat our customers with a commitment to quality they can count on and the respect that they deserve.

Core Values


We respect our clients and their individual needs. We are passionate about making sure our clients' purchasing experience is as worry-free as possible. 


In an industry that is built on sales relationships, we are always transparent. We are honest with our customers when discussing the products we provide and delivery dates.


With the experience our company has had in the hospitality industry, we adapt to our clients' individual needs. We work one on one with our clients to find them the best possible solution. 

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