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FreemanKelley, Inc.

Hospitality Sales and Customer Service

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Who is FreemanKelley, Inc.?

FreemanKelley, Inc. is a leading sales firm in the hospitality industry. We make it our goal to connect with our clients by maintaining the integrity and quality of our products, while always providing the highest quality customer service.

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The Brands We Represent

Cutting Edge Technology

These brands offer unique products that utilize new technology to meet all your needs.  Each of the products that we represent was designed around the customers' needs utilizing groundbreaking innovations.


Durable Materials

These products are treated as an extension of each brand. The companies we represent invest in the longevity of their products, ensuring reliability and durability.



One of the highest priorities for all of the brands that FreemanKelley, Inc. represents is the quality of their products. With every product, you are guaranteed high quality and an exceptional experience.

We at FreemanKelley, Inc. know that affordability is a major consideration in every investment our customers make. For this reason, we represent brands that bring you great value in the hospitality industry.


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