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Monroe Table is a locally owned and operated company focused on making better quality and longer lasting furniture since 1908. With the creation of long lasting and quality brands such as their custom tables, DuraGuard furniture, and superior dance floors, Monroe Table creates projects that stand the test of time.


Monroe Table Company is creating ground breaking technology that could change the way the hospitality and senior living industries furnish their properties by using technology to create custom quality furniture that is fire retardant, antibacterial, bed bug proof, remediation proof, and impervious to cleaning chemicals.


Monroe Table has a range of abilities, from creating custom dining tables perfect for bars, restaurants, lounges and cafes, to individually designed tables with a custom logo of your choice. Whether for business or your favorite collegiate sports team, Monroe Table can design it. Monroe Table has the ability to create sustainable designs using the DuraGuard technology that will energize and enrich your space for years to come.


Monroe Table’s range of products includes a specialty in portable dance floors. Monroe Table dance floors are 30% lighter than classic dance floors, waterproof, and ideal for outdoor use. To personalize the floor, they are also able to incorporate any logo and a selection of more than 400 finishes.

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